We form for Passion

"What all organizations look for is the already trained and competent man, a person who has already been well formed by others.
But it is only when we realize that it is our duty, as well as an opportunity, to collaborate to train those who work with us and make it more and more competent instead of looking for it already formed that we will have taken the road of true efficiency "

Frederick Taylor

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Our training courses

  • Corso Esperto in photoshop (online) - Gratuito

    Il corso muove dalla necessità di creare una figura altamente specializzata in grado di realizzare un progetto fotografico da editare e post-produrre con l’utilizzo del software ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. L’esperto in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP lavora come libero professionista oppure in aziende che...

    Published the 29 June 2020

    Application deadline 10 July 2020

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  • Corso Addetto alla Reception in lingua inglese liv.A2.2 (online) - Gratuito
    In progress

    Tra le professioni indicate dall’ISFOL, viene indicata la figura dell’Addetto alla Reception. Tale figura accoglie e registra gli ospiti nelle strutture; fornisce servizi di alloggio; assegna le camere e consegna le relative chiavi; fornisce informazioni sui servizi offerti; gestisce le...

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  • Corso Addetto al Ricevimento negli Alberghi in lingua tedesca liv.A1 (online) - Gratuito
    In progress

    Tra le professioni indicate dall’ISFOL, oggi INAPP, viene indicata la figura dell’Addetto al Ricevimento negli alberghi.Tale figura accoglie e registra gli ospiti nelle strutture; fornisce servizi di alloggio; assegna le camere e consegna le relative chiavi; fornisce informazioni sui servizi...

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  • Corso Europrogettazione (online) - Gratuito
    In progress

    L’ Addetto all’Europrogettazione (l’europrogettista) è, come indicato dalle ricerche Isfol/Ministero del Lavoro, una figura professionale emergente, caratterizzata da una forte progressione occupazionale. L’europrogettista svolge la sua attività presso imprese sociali, enti di formazione e associazioni non profit, che organizzano e...

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The services offered to companies

Freed from all bureaucratic and operational burdens resulting from the management of the employment relationship by entrusting a team of serious professionals.

  • Management of the entire training process

    Idee Insieme offers the management service for the entire training process, from the analysis of the requirements to the final reporting of the expenses incurred, demonstrating, with this management, the attention and professionalism in every single phase.

  • Analysis of training needs

    Idee Insieme is able to develop tools (structured questionnaires, semi-structured, interviews, focus groups, grids) for the detection of needs and training expectations both of the company organization that is intended to analyze both the human resources that belong to that organization .

    All this in order to map the gap between necessary skills and skills possessed

  • Educational planning

    Idee Insieme, on the basis of the training needs identified, can define a detailed educational planning of the courses deemed necessary, structuring them for modules and teaching units, establishing the objectives, the type of learning assessment and the most effective methodologies.

  • Didactic secretariat and promotion

    Idee Insieme offers a didactic secretarial service which, through specialized staff, provides information (via email, via telephone, via chat), collects applications for courses, makes the welcome of the beginning of the course, manages the classrooms.

    This service also includes the publication of the information sheet of the courses on social media, on dedicated portals (E-magister) on company sites, as well as the management of the NEWSLETTER service.

  • Evaluation and analysis of the training process

    Together ideas can submit a precise training path to an ex ante, in itinere and ex post learning assessment system, delivering a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results achieved at the end of the course.

  • Accountability

    Idee Insieme has resources that, thanks to the use of statistical-quantitative methodologies, qualitative measurement methodologies and indicators, are specialized for reporting on funded training projects.

  • Hire classrooms for training courses

    Idee Insieme offers a rental service for conventions, courses and business meetings.

    The rental of the classroom provides the equipment of all necessary equipment (video projector, multimedia board, PC, etc.)

  • Design and implementation of WBT (web-based training)

    Idee insieme has gained the right competence for the realization of self-learning courses (WBT) on any content to be delivered in FAD.

    The involvement of an expert, the didactic planning, the drafting of texts, the graphic realization and the implementation in SCORM standard allow the diffusion through any certified platform.

  • Support for e-learning:

    Idee Insieme offers support services for e-learning, in order to make this training method effective. That is: help desk, mentoring, tutoring, teaching secretariat.

  • FAD platform rental

    Idee Insieme, thanks to its team of specialized technicians, it is constantly dedicated to the maintenance of its CAMPUS IDEE INSIEME platform, which has been developed in SCORM standard.

    This team is able to offer companies a service to hire the platform, personalizing it in the graphic aspect, integrating the courses (WBT) of which it may have, to train the staff that will dedicate itself to the administration activities.


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The Nuove Frontiere Group

The Nuove Frontiere Group proposes itself to companies as the ideal partner for the management of all services related to the Human Resources area. Through the companies it is structured in, it is able to manage the entire production process by managing all the obligations that a company must perform in the field of occupational safety and professional training of its employees.

  • Job security

    Nuove Frontiere Ambiente e sicurezza
  • Professional training

    Idee insieme
  • Job and strategic advice

    Capitali umani
  • Labor service contract

    Consorzio Nuove Frontiere